36. Wendelin’s Weird Kink: Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 1 with Maia Kobabe


We are kicking off season 3 with a very special guest! We were joined for this episode by comic artist and all around rad human, Maia Kobabe. Find links to eir work below!

In today’s newspaper: Wow, Wendelin sure was kinky, huh? Are loose floorboards a real thing? What the heck is Bill’s job about? And most importantly, PENS!

Find Maia online at redgoldsparkspress.com and on instagram and tumblr @redgoldsparks

34. Chamber of Fools--Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Tarot Analysis


It’s time for our analysis of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets through the lens of the tarot major arcana!  We were joined once again by Autostraddle’s Sarah Sarwar, aka the voice of our spoiler warning, who fills in for all the tarot-novices out there! You don’t need to know anything about tarot to enjoy this episode! 

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21. Clearly, Hermione is Black: an Interview with Prerna Abbi-Scanlon and Tahirah Green

Clearly Hermione Granger is Black

Clearly, Hermione is Black

For the 4th and final installment of our Pride month interview series, Jessie talked with Tahirah Green and Prerna Abbi-Scanlon about race and representation in the Harry Potter series, the fact that Hermione is clearly black, growing up as queer nerds of color, the absolute trash that is the epilogue, and their (incredible) patronuses! It was a wonderful conversation that we know you’re going to love!